I Tried The Mooncup, It’s Not For The Faint-Hearted

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Like many other women, every month I am plagued by a horrendous period. Each month, I have a week of cramps so severe that I am bed-bound, migraines so intense I can’t do anything, a flow so heavy I am never not in the bathroom and hormones so irregular that I get emotional over something as trivial as finding we have no cheese left. Periods are no walk in the park and I have spent years trying new ways to make shark week slightly more manageable.

Different forms of contraception provided a short term solution. For example, the pill allowed me to regulate my periods and made my flow lighter. But it also made the pain worse and made me more emotional than I already was. The implant made my periods stop altogether for a while too, but then they came up every two weeks or so. I recently decided to stop using these forms of contraception altogether and practice safe sex the old fashioned way.

This left me at a bit of a loss with what to do to make my periods easier. Enter The Mooncup.



How Backlash Only Helps Me Prove My Point

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Hey, it’s me again. That’s right, I haven’t retreated and decided to live under the rock and away from the internet just yet.

This past week and a half has been, as cliche as it sounds, a total roller-coaster. Despite what other publications may be telling you, we took back the beach by storm. I’m facing backlash daily and almost all of my social media feeds are filled with hateful messages. I’m even getting sent abusive emails. All of these responses have definitely be interesting, some merely just trolling whilst others genuinely believe they are helping me with their nasty comments. I almost considered ignoring it all and not writing about it until I woke up this morning and found that the Telegraph had called us “chubby”.
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