PMA: How I’m feeling post #bdib chat

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Monday night I took over the #bdib (bloggers do it better) chat. It was a complete last minute thing but turned out great. The chat usually starts at 7pm but on Easter Monday there seemed to be a delay as there was no sign of a host. Many tweeted asking who the host was and I swooped in and volunteered. To my delight, I was met with encouragement and tweets telling people that I was now the host. I love twitter chats and have been wanting to host one for quite some time now (I’m actually hosting #pabchat in May) and I saw this as a good opportunity to talk about our current topic: positive mental attitude.
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“Cheer up, love” if it’s so normal, why don’t men tell other men this

I don’t smile much. Even if I am happy, I’m not walking around with a big grin on my face. I can’t really smile on command either. In photographs my smiles often look false + weird so I usually opt for something in between. And if I do post a photo where I am smiling, you best believe it’s taken me a handful of failed photographs before getting there. When I do smile, it is often when I’m laughing or I’m caught off guard and somebody is making me smile. I don’t know why this is but it’s just the way I am.

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