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Favourite Music Videos from February

25A41A1E00000578-2952099-image-m-62_1423825687916Back when I was writing for Sound on Sight I used to post “The 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week” on a weekly basis. Unfortunately life got in the way and now I don’t have much time to keep up music videos weekly. However I still have a strong interest and desire to keep up with music videos in general as I really slipped up last year. I didn’t even compile a “Best Videos of 2014″ list like I did back in 2012. So I have decided to keep up when I can and compose a monthly roundup of the music videos I have enjoyed the most.

I didn’t see many I enjoyed this month but here are February’s.


The Oscars: It’s Not All Doom and Gloom

I’m not a huge fan of these Hollywood awards ceremonies for many reasons. Mainly because the wrong people always seem to get overlooked (no, I am not talking about DiCaps). I never usually agree with the winners and the snubs make me so angry. The Emmy’s and Golden Globe awards are probably the ones that make my blood boil the most (as I am a huge television fan). When somebody I adore gets snubbed, it’s like somebody has slapped my friend. It’s insane. So as you can imagine I stopped caring about The Grammy’s quite some time ago along with the Academy Awards aka the Oscars.