The Mooncup Diaries: Surviving My First Shark Week at Work

At the start of June, I started my new job. I couldn’t wait! After years of trying and failing to get full-time work, I finally landed a great job in an area I am very interested in. I started on a Tuesday and spent the Monday before preparing: matching bags to outfits, trying to master a […]
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Let’s Talk Body Positivity

A couple of weeks ago, I made the mistake of reading some Facebook comments on a BuzzFeed article. Recently, there has been a huge focus on body image in mainstream media. There has been the on-going debate about “plus-size” and when BuzzFeed posted a collection of images of people rocking the fuck out of crop tops, […]
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Menstruation Hygiene Day And Why It’s Important

Having the most in-depth conversation about periods and mooncups with my friend — Happy #MenstrualHygieneDay ❤️ — Tara ⚡️ Catstello (@Catstello) May 28, 2015 To any male readers I might have who are grossed out by periods — first of all, get a grip. Secondly, read at your own peril.
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